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Monday, January 31, 2011

The saddest blog I will ever write.

I know I said I would write
this a while ago, but here it is. Please
understand this isnt something
I am proud about. But it is
something I want to talk about.

When I was a sophomore in
highschool, I was also in
band. And on December
second, was our winter concert.
My friend was there and he asked if he could
come over to my house for a while.
My mom said yes, so she drove us all home.

About 2 hours later, I walked him to the local park
so he could go home.
Thats when he pulled out a knife,
 held it to my throat, and...
you get the picture.

I went to school the next day with
hickies all over my neck. Getting
called a whore and skank wasnt
something I wasnt too proud of.

3 months later, I had
a miscarriage. It was terrible.
I cried myself to sleep everynight.

I didnt think I could talk to
anyone about it, so I kept
it a secret for 3 years.  I
felt so much better after I
talked to someone. I knew then
I am not alone. It happens everyday
to someone. Male and Female.

If this has happened to you
or someone you know, please
know you are not alone. You CAN talk
to someone and not be judged.
I know it hurts, and you feel gross, but
please report what happens to you.
Dont wait and shower, go right away.
If you or someone you know has
been a victim of a sex crime,
 Call your local authorites.
And Remember, You are not alone.

<3 Ashley
Go Steelers!


  1. When I was a junior, my mom went out of town for the weekend with her boyfriend. I invited my boyfriend over to come see me. He said (I thought jokingly) that if he was gonna come over, he was getting some. I found out when he came over that he wasn't joking. His best friend, who apparently had a thing for me, walked in right in the middle of it, but when I cried out for help, he had already slammed the door shut and gone. Years later, me and hubby went to an electronics store to get a stereo put in his car. And there was the guy that raped me. I love my hubby. He told the guy that he was a rapist (loud enough for everyone to hear) and that we'd never again shop at a store that employed rapists, and we'd make sure our friends didn't either.

  2. So sorry you went through this, and brave of you to put it out there. Been through some similar things, including the miscarriage...my heart still breaks.

    ((( hugs )))