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Friday, January 28, 2011


So today I am just gonna ramble
about everything and nothing.

I hate to say it, but
most of my friends live
in other states. I have like 4
friends here in Indiana,
but I am not old enough
yet to go out with them.
374 more days though!!!!

9 days until my 20th birthday.
Im kinda excited, but
I am more excited about
Kinda sad right? Im more excited
about a football game rather than
my birthday. I get to see family though!

Today was well enough, No work,
so I kinda slept in a little.
I went and saw Little Fockers.
I liked it, but I wouldnt watch it again.

I realised today, I have an
unhealthy obsession with talking.

Maybe because, growing up
I was kinda a loner as a child,
and also in highschool.
I had maybe 2 friends,
and I never talk to them now.
I know I have friends now, but they all
live in different states, so its kind of
hard to talk.
High school wasnt exactly
the best years of my life.
I was an outcast, got made fun of,
pranks pulled on me,
got talked about, the works.
Sadly enough, one of my friends Ex's
was one of the ones who
was mean to me.

I hated school and begged
my mom to transfer me,
but she wouldnt. The only
good part about school was my
music, and gradutation.

I know this is all like
uber depressing, and I dont
know where it came from.

mehh... whatever. I am
who I am because of what I
have gone through.

P.S. Go Steelers!

*A/N tomorrows blog is going to be depressing*

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