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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Today has been hell...
It's like, no one is happy,
so Ashley can't be happy.
If Ashleys happy, she needs to
be made unhappy because no
one else is happy.
I'm seriously like about to
cry because Im so frustrated.
>.< what am I gonna do.

Im not gonna lie, I
use to cut. A lot.
I never left scars
because I didnt want anyone
to know, and I dont
wanna fall back into that.

Now Richard won't talk
to me :(

Nothings going right,
and I am a mess.
I dont know what to do anymore.
I cant stop shaking and
Im not sleeping.
I fake a smile to make
it look like everythings right
when I know its not.

Time to go cry so Im not as
stressed, but I doubt it will work :(


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Dude, Im so excited.
I cant wait!!!
Im so excited...
Florida, sun, beaches,
Disney and.... sun...
and Me and DISNEY!!!
and Richard :P
*whos most likely reading this*

24 days!!!!!
I cant waitt!!!!!

I put my notice
 in work and
they basically bitch
me out everyday
because of it.
:( not something
I like to hear every
day I go to work.

Im so tired. I have
not been sleeping lately.
I think it's because Im
very anxious and stressed.

Anyway... Just to clarify:

I dont think I am
making a mistake.
I think I am making
the right decision.
If it does not work out,
that sucks.
I'm not gonna move
back to Indiana.
*unless something bad happens*
I think it will work out.
We are both adults and
can make our own decisions.

<3 Ashley

Friday, March 11, 2011

Help :(

So, I went to bingo today.
Im suppose to go to florida on
vacation next month, but
I decided to move :)

My friend (whom I'm suppose
to go to florida with) basically
told me to find my own transportation
to my new living space. Her friend
doesnt want to take me to it
EVEN though we will be
Then, she tells her "I dont want
her to stay with us because I dont
know her and she might steal from me."
I mean.... really?!
I dont steal. Im not
that kind of person.

My mom bitched me out because
she thinks I am gonna make a
big mastake and regret it.
I think I'm making a great
decision. I'm 20 years old.
I need to learn from my mistakes.
(Even though I dont think Im making one.)

>.< Oi vey. I mean really!

<3 Ashley

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Haven't been here in a while!

This was on the 5th.
I hit an oncoming truck at 20 MPH. Imagine
what would have happened if I was going faster!
I hit a patch of ice and tada! Look what
happens!! Im in some pain, as is my friend,
but we are all ok!
It was $320.00 to
get it towed to the yard,
held for 2 days, and towed home.
Its going to be $100.00's to get
it fixed and stuff.
 I need a radiator, fan, bumper,
frame, hood, lights etcetcetc...

I havent been on in a while!
I really dont have much
to write about! But Ill say what I can!

My dad is having surgery again today.
This whole heart surgery he had
really screwed his leg up since
they had taken a vein from their.
Hes getting it fixed today I guess.
They really kinda keep me in the
dark with this but I would rather not know.
So I dont blame them!

Everythings been kinda fucked up
lately with everyone. I hope everyone
is having a good week because I know
I havent been!

<3 Ashley