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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Florida, week one! (and other things)

Hey everyone! 
Its been about 2 weeks since my
last post and I have been busy!

I made the transition from
Indiana to Florida with no
problems at all.
The time change didn't
screw me over at all, and
I adjusted with no problems.

A few days after getting here,
 I went to work with my love.
It was awesome! I sat around
and hung by the pool all day.
I was "adopted" by a family of 3
and they fed me and everything!
The only bad thing is, I burned.
BAD. I layered sunscreen on
myself and I STILL burned!
Oh well, its just about done peeling.
(gross right?)
 He and I are better than ever.
 I'm glad I made this
decision to move here.

In other news, the other night
Richard went to pick up the
roomie Justin from work at like 3 am.
Well, I either saw this or dreamt this. 
But before I tell you, let me elaborate
on something. 
Leading Paranormal Experts say
that an entity (good or bad) will
turn into a persons worst
fear the first night the person
is alone in a new environment,
at the exact time of 
the anti-hour (3:30 am).
Well, around that time I swear 
I saw an image of Richard
covered in his own blood 
standing in the doorway
of our room.
It was awful.
I refuse to be in the 
apartment alone now. 
If he goes to get Justin,
I go with.

I started work yesterday
at a new Chipotle.
It was great! Everyone else
was nice and the customers
are awesome!
I work tonight 4-11, then


anyways, time to get ready for
work now! Love you all!