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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Little Blurb About Me.

The following entry uses profanity. Please excuse it.

This is me :)
                                                       My name is Ashley Marie Gebhardt.
I am 19 years old.
I was born on February 6, 1991 at 0226.
I live in the US lol.
I work at Chipotle Mexican Grill.
I have a sister named Beckie, whom I love dearly
and I would do anything for her.
Including hunting down that guy and hurt him for hurting her.
Don't fuck with my family (include friends here!).
I have 2 dogs named Duke and Stan.
Duke is a boxer, and Stan is a terrier mix.
I love to read. I have my own "library" so to speak lol.
 I was in the Military, but was medically discharged.

I can play over 6 instruments.
*Flute, clarinet, percussion, piccolo, trumpet and saxophone*
Though my main one is the Flute.
I have had over 6 band directors and liked one of them.
My passion for music has increased over the years and will never stop.
I love all types of music except for country!
Put it on, and I shall dance!
"Music does what words or actions cannot"- Anonymous.

My mom raised me on her own for 8 years and did a HELL of a job.
She worked 2 jobs and went to school just to support us until
she met my step-dad whom I call dad.
She is my hero and I love her.
We look like sisters... Its kinda scary at times.

Im a goofball. A little ditzy and clumsy! I love my friends and family
very much so dont mess with them!
I can be loud and obnoxious, but I love to have fun!

This is Lydia Rose Parks <3
She is my best friend and I love her dearly.
She has been through thick and thin with me,
and I will never be able to repay her for that.
Lydia, you are the Peanut to my Butter and
the Jelly to my bread! (no homo!)
I love you best friend!!!!

So, now you all know a little about me and my life. :)

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