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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ohmygawrsh I'm finally updating!

So here I am.
Sitting at the desk with a mixed drink
of Tequila and Pink Lemonade,
FINALLY taking time to write 
a blog. :p

These past few weeks have
been kinda crazy.
I ended up going the hospital
with a severely bruised
We got our bigger apartment!
(ill post pics soon!!)
NOW, I have to job hunt.
Chipotle is giving me 
the run around again,
and I have had enough.

Richard decided to get me
drunk while playing monopoly.
Every time I landed
on a property he owned
with no houses was a Shot.
If it had a house 2 shots, and
a hotel was 3 shots. 
I got piss ass drunk, 
really fast. 
I ended up saying Hello
to the toilet with
my forehead!
teehee that hurt a little..

Im loving Florida so far!
Just a little homesick is all.
Well, Hobart better be ready
for December when I come back 
for a week!!!!!!
The weather is always hot.
No rain usually, except
for when Dumbledore(jk)
decides to let it.
I wish it would rain more, but I
don't see that happening anytime

I went to a bar/club called 
The bartenders/bouncers/DJ/GM
know us all by name and face.
I danced.
I don't dance....EVER...
But Richard got me to dance.

Serious Topic Now.
Living on your own, is NOT
like playing house. 
You know how when you're
younger you play house?
Yeah, nothing like it.
Not many people realize
what it takes to live on your own.
I'm lucky enough to have
2 room mates. (soon to be 3)
We all work all the time.
Our rent is now 789 *includes water*,
we have to get groceries, pay electric, internet,
phone, credit cards (I don't have any), etc...
Being Responsible has its perks though.
At the end of the night, I know
my little family and I will
have food to eat, a bed, and
a roof over our head.
There are thousands that have
no home, or cant eat every night.
I'm thankful we all can. 
I'm glad I can experience
it now, rather than later.
*end Rant*

Our friend Chris is coming home from Iraq
and I couldn't be more excited. I can
finally meet him face to face
rather than just talk on the internet
or Xbox Live!
The transition will be hard, but
I'm ready for it!
*Welcome Home!!!!*

Time to finish my drink so 
hold on a sec!

Yeah, didn't happen.... got sidetracked.

Anyways! I have to work tomorrow,
and I am less than thrilled -.-.
I applied at Build A Bear, so hopefully,
I can get in!!!!!!!!

I think thats it for now o.o