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Sunday, January 23, 2011

A little story from yours truely.

This is a Jack and Jill story.

This is Jack.
Jack has a nice job, a nice car,
and a nice place to live.

This is Jill.
Jill has an ok job, a crappy car,
and lives at home with her mom and dad.

Jack and Jill met a few years ago through a friend, and Jill fell
for Jack instantly. 
Jack and Jill talked a little, laughed a little, and joked a little.
They had fun. *not that kind perverts!*
Jack and Jill said their goodbyes and didnt meet again until 2011.

Jill is feeling what she felt 3 years previous, but Jack doesnt feel the same.
Jack wants to be friends. ONLY friends. Jill doesnt know what to do.

Jack and Jill both just got out of relationships. Jill has moved on, Jack
has moved on. Everyone, including Jill
thinks they would make a cute couple.

Jack has a big Ego. Jack is a sweet guy. Jack doesn't like Jill
like Jill likes Jack. Jack just wants to be friends, but is aware of Jills feelings.

Jack is a football and hockey fan...
Jill likes hockey, and sort of likes football.
Although the teams differ, its the game that counts.

Jill thinks hes kinda a perv, but she thinks
hes an adorable perv. Jill
thinks she knows what to do, but isnt sure.

Jill knows that Jack wants to be friends, but
 what if she wants to be more?
Jill is confused.


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  1. I think jill needs to show him by her actions that she wants to be more, but should be VERY patient. Men aren't exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer, it can take them YEARS to realize that they want someone. Good luck to Jill!