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Thursday, January 27, 2011

My shitty day.

SO! Everything at work has been going well... I should have KNOWN something was going to go wrong... It was just too good for it not to go wrong.

Well here it is...

The manager sent someone home, that was ok for the most part. Then we got busy so a prep guy came to help me. He didnt know what he was doing. So, I tried to stay as calm as possible, but by this time I was pissed. We had a HUGE line to the door and he couldnt work as fast as I was use too.

If any of you have been to Chipotle, you know how small the place is, a having a HUGE line, is not good. Not good at all.

Then, I asked him to do something and he freaks out on me, goes to the manager and yells/bitches about me, and walks out for the night. All because of something I asked. I get yelled at for asking him to let me know if he leaves the line because if I need him, I'm going to have to call for him if hes not back.

Since I was the one with seniority, everything he does, falls back on me. If he runs out of food, I get blamed. I have to run my side, and his food wise. I have to make sure nothing runs out, everything looks good and presentable, all the pans look clean, all the food is cooked and edible, all the pans get flipped when new food comes out, everything is stocked, all the food gets made right, etc...etc...etc... We pretty much ran out of everything at one point or another. Who gets blamed??? I do!

Then he walked out, I was by myself for the last like 3 hours. If the cashier wouldnt have helped me, I would have gone crazy. I had to do ALL of my pre-closing stuff, my closing stuff, restock, make sure everything is Clean and ready for the day shift, FIFO everything (first in first out).

A guy came in with his mom and got Carnitas tacos. She asked me "do the tacos come with rice?" I replied,  "tipically no, not unless you ask." He said "Yes they do automatically come with rice, I always get them like that!" The tacos do NOT come with rice unless you ask Specifically.

He goes and tells the manager I was extremelly rude to him and he wants his food refunded... Really dude???

I have been there almost a year. I think I know my own menu for my job.

We have to be done by 10:45. I got done at like 11:15.

So because all of that... I might get written up... I would LOVE feedback on this...

On the plus side, I know my glitterfamily is always there when I need them... Especially Laura and Carolyn! <3 Our late night talks make me smile... :)

Well, thats all for tonight.

<3 Ashley
Go Steelers!


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwww thats so redic I am so sorry.. jobs are tuff but you would think your manager would know it was just a bad day maybe you can talk to him tomorrow or something :/ I wish you the best of luck and update me on what happens xoxo <3 our late night talks make me smile too <3

  2. I hope the managers are not this shitty every night!? WTF? I can't believe they would treat anyone that shitty. Why are they not on the line helping you out? Assholes!

  3. They usually do, but since there is an audit in the morning, we all had a lot to do. She shouldnt have sent that girl home.

    Sometimes they are shitty everynight...