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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You, me, and heartbreaks...

Funny little cupcake, aren't I??

                                                          I’m sitting here, with a coke zero
On one side of me, my phone on
My leg, my itunes on,
In pajamas, AND a band-aid
On my pinky finger.

I broke my nail straight across
Today at work
While helping a customer.
I was a baby and put a band-aid over it.
(Yes, I got a job at Staples!)

                                            Listening to: The Only Exception-Paramore

So, I have been thinking
About the good and bad things


For those who have not
Heard, R****** has
Been being a dick
As usual.
I went to my friends birthday
Party a week ago and
Had 3 shots.
I feel asleep on the couch
And he called twice.
I was sleeping so of course
I didn’t answer.
Well when I called
Him back, he called me
A whore, slut, cutting bitch,
Cock sucking whore, trith,
Whining slut, etc

Listening to: Slide- GooGoo Dolls!

Great isn’t it? Being
Called all of those things?
Way to make my self-esteem
And self-confidence
Shoot threw the
Damn roof!

Anyways… Work has been
Great! I have been
Doing so well!
I have been getting really
Good compliments from
The managers and senior
Associates. Not to
mention customers!
Even though, there
Are something’s
I need to work on,
I have been doing well…

Listening to: Just A Kiss- Lady Antebellum                

Well, now there is a new subject.
Some of my readers know about this.
I am in love.
(I know, I know but just read)
I have been for quite a while.
I.E. 4 years!
And NO! It’s not R******.
He is my best friend.
Even he knows!

I can’t wait to see him.
Vacation soon?
I think so!

Well, fuck that. He just lost
Me. Possibly for good.

Listening to: What’s This? -Flyleaf.

Well, I guess He-who-must-
Not-be-named was right.
I’ll never be good enough
For someone.
Obviously not, since
My heart is being
I just wanna be loved
By someone who wants me.
Not a “Oh you wear
Your heart on your sleeve
So I’m gonna use you”

Listening to: Uprising- Muse

I think I'm done for now.
I seem to be all
jumbled from everything
that happened in the
past oh, idk...
10 minutes???

More later.