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Saturday, July 30, 2011

A new me...

This entry is dedicated
to my best friend!
*well part of it anyway*

Well, since I have been home
I have seen some changes.
I think the have been good
changes but I have been
told they are bad.

I have been acting differently
and trying to get a good head
on my shoulders.
Getting everything
put into place and trying
to get back into
a good habit.

Its going good so far.
I have my best friend,
family, a job,
a place to live,
 and a car to use until
 I can get one.

I am done being way
to nice to people who
do not deserve it.

My bestie is
helping me reaslize
I am much to nice.
I shouldnt be wearing my
heart on my sleeve like
I have been.
Being way too nice
has been my
biggest down fall.
I forgive without
thinking about the bad
things that have happened.
I forgive without
realising I am
setting myself up again.
This will happen
No more
Ms. Nice Girl.
Shes gone.

Well, this is all
I can think of right now.

More later.


1 comment:

  1. I wouldn't get rid of Ms. Nice Girl altogether, I think she has great qualities. But you may have to stop and think a little harder about who you allow to remain in your life. If someone does you as wrong as has been done lately, they are not a good person; they are not worthy of your forgiveness.

    But this is a learning process. You have to find out that some people are not worth that second chance (or third, or fourth.) If they really are a good friend to you, they would not walk all over your forgiveness and trust.

    Sometimes, we can't see that people are taking advantage of us and we get hurt. But, this too is learning. We learn that maybe we can't always trust fully.

    But, remember, there WILL come a time when that person you can trust with your life, your soul and your heart will enter your life. You have to be open enough to let that person in. You can't close off completely or you won't know when it happens.

    This is all a part of finding out what you want, what you need, who you need. The hurt, anger and confusion is necessary to feeling the love, happiness and comfort that you find in the one perfect person meant to share your life.

    Hang in there. Don't change who you are just because the toads have hurt you. The right frog will hop by! And stay gold, Ponygirl!!