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Saturday, July 9, 2011

And I dont want the world to see me, because I dont think they'll understand.

Ok soo!!! A LOT has
again happened.
On the 4th, I began a new
relationship with a nice Christian
guy I also met through
the military. :)
I know whoever
reads this will be thinking
I am not ready for a relationship,
but hes amazing :)
and I could not be happier.

He is nothing like
Richard. At all.
I am actually appreciated,
loved, cared for.

I will admit I made
a mistake getting
with Richard when I
knew I shouldnt have.
I knew that my feelings for
David would still be there
even though he's my
best friend. I think
all along I wanted David, but
just didnt want it to
be akward considering he
IS my best friend.
I know now this is
the right thing for me to do.
I know he is the one.
I hope hes not reading this
only because I would
be uber embarrased for no
reason lol!

Well, its 3 am so I
need to go to sleep!
More later!!!


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