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Sunday, July 17, 2011

There's just too much that time can not erase...

So here I am at 141 am
just finishing a ham

I am single. I
am tired of wearing
my heart on my sleeve.
I just like, openly give
my heart away without thinking.
I need to stop doing that.
I thought this relationship
would be the last one I would ever
have from the way we talked
about things.
I guess I was wrong?

Idk. All I know is
I am a fool to think
I will ever find the one.

Maybe I am over reacting.
Well, no I know I am.

All I know is I waited 4 years
to be with him, and I got
my heart broken after 12 days.
Although I will say, as
of this moment
the promise we made is
still in effect.

Going from friends to
back to best friends will be hard.
I want to marry this kid.
Like really bad.
He told me he felt the same
but as of this moment, I
know/dont think he does.

Once again, I was played
and looked like a total and
complete fool because of it.

Once again, I am not hungry and
I dont expect I will be for a while.

Once again, I am slipping back
to how I was before.
(before the whole Ri***** thing)

Shut out the whole world for a few
days so I can try and think without
wanting to cut and feel like
even more of a failure.

Time for movies.


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