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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You, me, and heartbreaks...

Funny little cupcake, aren't I??

                                                          I’m sitting here, with a coke zero
On one side of me, my phone on
My leg, my itunes on,
In pajamas, AND a band-aid
On my pinky finger.

I broke my nail straight across
Today at work
While helping a customer.
I was a baby and put a band-aid over it.
(Yes, I got a job at Staples!)

                                            Listening to: The Only Exception-Paramore

So, I have been thinking
About the good and bad things


For those who have not
Heard, R****** has
Been being a dick
As usual.
I went to my friends birthday
Party a week ago and
Had 3 shots.
I feel asleep on the couch
And he called twice.
I was sleeping so of course
I didn’t answer.
Well when I called
Him back, he called me
A whore, slut, cutting bitch,
Cock sucking whore, trith,
Whining slut, etc

Listening to: Slide- GooGoo Dolls!

Great isn’t it? Being
Called all of those things?
Way to make my self-esteem
And self-confidence
Shoot threw the
Damn roof!

Anyways… Work has been
Great! I have been
Doing so well!
I have been getting really
Good compliments from
The managers and senior
Associates. Not to
mention customers!
Even though, there
Are something’s
I need to work on,
I have been doing well…

Listening to: Just A Kiss- Lady Antebellum                

Well, now there is a new subject.
Some of my readers know about this.
I am in love.
(I know, I know but just read)
I have been for quite a while.
I.E. 4 years!
And NO! It’s not R******.
He is my best friend.
Even he knows!

I can’t wait to see him.
Vacation soon?
I think so!

Well, fuck that. He just lost
Me. Possibly for good.

Listening to: What’s This? -Flyleaf.

Well, I guess He-who-must-
Not-be-named was right.
I’ll never be good enough
For someone.
Obviously not, since
My heart is being
I just wanna be loved
By someone who wants me.
Not a “Oh you wear
Your heart on your sleeve
So I’m gonna use you”

Listening to: Uprising- Muse

I think I'm done for now.
I seem to be all
jumbled from everything
that happened in the
past oh, idk...
10 minutes???

More later.



  1. Again, just a couple of toads. You have to weed through the unworthy ones to get to the one who is right for you.

    Forget them. They taught you a few lessons: don't trust a Dick who can't see you because he is so needy, or a guy who thinks he can outwit his parents when he clearly has no wits at all!

    This part of life sucks sometimes, because you are finding out what you want from a relationship, but you aren't finding the right person to give you these things. But trust that you are going to get there.

    Know that you won't settle or give in to the wrong person because you are weak, rather you will give up the bad ones because you are so strong!

    <3 Always!!

  2. Oh, and good choice of beverage, my friend!

    Stay gold, Ponygirl!!