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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My mother.

I know I
talk about my mom
sometimes and
not nessicarily
in a good way at times,
but todays blog is all about her.

I love my mom. She
is my hero for many reasons.
Being a young mother
at the age of 20, she did what
she could to give us a life
we could be proud of.
She divorced the man who
helped create me.
(I dont not recognise him
as my father.)
She worked 2
jobs and went to school,
just so we could have
a place to live, clothes, food,
and the nessicary items
to have a comfortable place to live.
She never asked for any help unless
we really needed it.
I dont want to say
my mother was proud of
everything, but she did
what she had to do.

My mother did the
best she could in raising me
the way I should be raised.
I have made mistakes,
but who hasnt?

When I was in 5th grade,
my mom married again.
I am proud to say
she is happy :)
They are going to celebrate
their 11th anniversary this year.

A few years ago my mom
was diagnosed with

For those who do not
know what it is, fibromyaliga
is a chronic disorder characterized by
widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue,
and tenderness in localized areas.

She never complains that she is
in pain or that shes hurting.
She works 7-14 days STRAIGHT
It hurts to see how much pain she is
in. She can't sleep in her own bed
because her hips hurt really
bad when she lays flat so
she sleeps in the recliner.
It makes me mad when
others are like "oh im in
so much pain from (insert words here)"
when my mom has a disease
she can't control.
It makes me just want to
run away and cry for
hours because I know
I can't do anything to help
her pain go away.

My mother is my hero for
everything she has done.
I wouldn't give her up for the
<3I love you mom <3


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  1. Awesome, Ash. I agree, your mom is a hero. And she has raised an incredible daughter who she can be proud of day in and day out. You have learned a lot about how to be a good, caring and giving person because of the things she has done for you and herself. Appreciate and show her your love always. A mom is a precious gift for a daughter.