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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Haven't been here in a while!

This was on the 5th.
I hit an oncoming truck at 20 MPH. Imagine
what would have happened if I was going faster!
I hit a patch of ice and tada! Look what
happens!! Im in some pain, as is my friend,
but we are all ok!
It was $320.00 to
get it towed to the yard,
held for 2 days, and towed home.
Its going to be $100.00's to get
it fixed and stuff.
 I need a radiator, fan, bumper,
frame, hood, lights etcetcetc...

I havent been on in a while!
I really dont have much
to write about! But Ill say what I can!

My dad is having surgery again today.
This whole heart surgery he had
really screwed his leg up since
they had taken a vein from their.
Hes getting it fixed today I guess.
They really kinda keep me in the
dark with this but I would rather not know.
So I dont blame them!

Everythings been kinda fucked up
lately with everyone. I hope everyone
is having a good week because I know
I havent been!

<3 Ashley

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