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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Dude, Im so excited.
I cant wait!!!
Im so excited...
Florida, sun, beaches,
Disney and.... sun...
and Me and DISNEY!!!
and Richard :P
*whos most likely reading this*

24 days!!!!!
I cant waitt!!!!!

I put my notice
 in work and
they basically bitch
me out everyday
because of it.
:( not something
I like to hear every
day I go to work.

Im so tired. I have
not been sleeping lately.
I think it's because Im
very anxious and stressed.

Anyway... Just to clarify:

I dont think I am
making a mistake.
I think I am making
the right decision.
If it does not work out,
that sucks.
I'm not gonna move
back to Indiana.
*unless something bad happens*
I think it will work out.
We are both adults and
can make our own decisions.

<3 Ashley

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