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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Me, you, and other things.

So! Here is another post!

I am happy to say, I will never
order Glittersniffer Cosmetics ever again.
After everything that has been
said and done, Ms. Carolyn Setina helped
me make up my mind.

There MIGHT be a new guy in my life.
:) Not for sure yet, but hopefully
it works out!!!!
He's a really nice guy and
I like him a lot. :)

As of right now,
I am currently watching House.
Work tomorrow needs to go well.

I've been reading
"Memoirs Of A Geisha".
It is really good so far!
I can't wait to rent the movie
to see if it is as good!!!
Everyone says it is really good.
I hope it is!

I cleaned my car yesterday.
It no longer smells like feet!
lmao!!!! Now, I need to clean
my room so it is just as clean!

:) Thats all for now!

*peace love happiness*

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