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Friday, February 4, 2011

:D I love this song and other things!!!!

So here I am at 10 at night
listening to The Beatles!
I love the Beatles..

Today was a great day.
I got off of work early,
went to the bank,
dyed my hair again,
and that was it.

I wasnt feeling to well earlier,
but I feel ok now. Maybe
I was just hungry??? Idk lol.

So, today was my first day back
to work in 2 days because
of the snow. It was busy!
Its a good thing though!!!
I kept busy and not as frustrated
as I usually would be!
*I was kinda mad but
got over it fast*

So, tomorrow the Familia
is going tout to eat for my
Grandparents 50th
Then Sunday!
*insert -dun dun dun- here*
Is my birthday!!!!
and the Superbowl of course!
D: So much going on!!!!!

:D home-made soap that is!!
I can't wait to use it!
Owner Ms. Shayna Toole,
is a great friend I met
Glittersniffer Cosmetics!
Definitly check them both
out on facebook!

<3 Ashley!
P.S. Go Steelers!!!!!!!

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