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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Glittersniffer and other things!!!

Today, the family
went out to celebrate my
grandparents 50th
anniversary and my birthday!!!!
I had a great time tonight.
I had a great dinner
and dessert.

The only bad thing was
gratuity. 18% = 54 dollars.
I mean, really?!

So!!!!! In an hour and 25 minutes,
I will be 20!!!!!!!
Im so excited!!!!!!!!
Some friends from work
and I are going to the movies
and out to dinner! :)
Im kinda excited since
I havent hung out with them
outside of work before.

Now, after my blog,
Im going to choose some
eyeshadow colors for tomorrow,
re-do my toenails, choose some
clothes, and get some sleep!

Steelers are gonna kick
some ass tomorrow! I cant
wait to see who wins!!!!

Welllll, time to go for now!
Peace Love and Happiness!

<3 Ashley!
P.S. Go Steelers!!!

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